Próximos Eventos

  • CLIA 2021 | Congreso Latinoamericano de Insectos Alimenticios
    Wed, Dec 01
    Congreso Online
  • BSF Expert One
    Next hours
    Online course
    With Bsf Expert One you will become a producer of larvae, eggs or derivatives of the black soldier fly entomoculture, allowing you to have an extra income or a unique income with an insect that helps us improve the world.
    Thu, Oct 21
    Seminario Online
    Estamos en una época de cambios de paradigmas; climáticos, medioambientales, políticos y sociales. Cómo prepararnos para adaptarnos a los cambios?. Las reglas del juego están cambiando y debemos ser proactivos. La biotecnología, automatización, productividad, innovación y emprendimiento entre otras
  • V - Connect 2021
    Wed, Sep 22
    Congreso Online
    Co-CEO Nick Piggott and the Animal Nutrition Director, Rafael Hermes, DVM, PhD, will be presenting data about How our insect products can improve performance and immune system for aquatic species. 24 September - 09 - 10 AM Conference Session A Registration Here:
  • Autorización de la Unión Europea para el uso de Proteína de Insecto en Alimentación de Cerdos y Aves
    Mon, Sep 20
    Following the authorisation of insects in aquaculture animals in July 2017, the Commission Regulation (EU) 2021/1372 authorises the use of processed animal proteins derived from insects (insect PAPs) in poultry and pig feed. As this authorisation is expected to enter into force later in September, t
  • INSECTA 2021
    Wed, Sep 08
    Insecta 2021 Conferencia Internacional
    Main Topics 1. Insect Farming and Production System 2. Insect Processing for Food and Feed 3. Safety and Environmental Aspects 4. Non-food Application of Insects 5. Insect health and insect welfare
  • Empaques funcionales y amigables con el medio ambiente: cuando menos es más...
    Thu, Jul 29
    En este webinar se explicarán los conceptos para entender que: no sólo basta ser reciclable; es clave tener en mente estrategias que apoyen las iniciativas de sustentabilidad; y durante la fase de diseño comienza la proyección de ciclo de vida de un empaque o producto.
  • Inocuidad Alimentaria en la realidad de la Innovación Ágil
    Thu, Jul 15
    Este webinar abordará una de las más recientes tendencias en equipos de investigación y desarrollo en la industria de alimentos, que es la implementación de metodologías ágiles que permiten flexibilidad de enfoque, recursos y prioridades en cualquier etapa del desarrollo de la innovación.
  • SCIENCE DAYS for the UN Food Systems Summit!
    Thu, Jul 08
    Online event
    Recognizing the pivotal role of science, technology and innovation for food systems transformation, the Science Days, organized by SG-UN GSS2021 and facilitated and hosted by FAO, offer an important opportunity to support the agenda setting process with scientific evidence and perspectives
  • Circular & Sharing Conference 2021
    Wed, Jun 30
    Online Event
    The first online event designed to explore how sharing economy alongside circular innovation can create sustainable growth.
  • Green Urbanics Business Livecast Series - Europe meets South-East Asia
    Thu, Jun 24
    Showcasing business challenges and opportunities for innovative green urban solutions to help mitigate climate change and biodiversity loss ¿Los insectos se ajustan a la factura? Creo que sí. Tendré unos minutos para explicar cómo, con una rápida presentación.
  • Online Summer School Insects as Food & Feed
    Mon, Jun 21
    Online Summer School
    The field of rearing insects for human food and animal feed is new and exciting. There are many challenges in bringing insects on the market. Registration deadline: 10 June 2021 Why join this program? The aim of this online Summer School is to learn the basic principles behind the factors that
  • AFFIA Annual Event: Building Strength and Resilience - R&D Driving Forward
    Wed, Jun 16
    Online Conference
    AFFIA Annual Event: Building Strength and Resilience - R&D Driving Forward
  • Insect Protein: Sustainable Food Production
    Thu, Jun 03
    Online Conference
    As part of the Feeding the Future series, RegTech Talks presents 'Insect Protein: Sustainable Food Production'.
  • Farming Insects by NACIA
    Tue, May 18
    NACIA is excited to announce its 2021 Lunch & Learn webinar series. Each Lunch & Learn focuses on issues the insect agriculture sector faces but sometimes has little resources to address and leverages our members' knowledge and experience.
  • Insect lipids will be part of the American Oil Chemistry Society Congress
    Fri, May 07
    Insect lipids will be part of the American Oil Chemistry society congress for the FIRST TIME ever !!! The session will be livestream and is open-access (free). The session includes 4 presentations and a discussion panel. Stay tuned on Friday, May 7th from 7 - 8:50 a.m. (CDT) (2 p.m.-3:50 p.m. Brussels time).
  • Instagram Live: "APICAL: Latin American Edible Insect Industry Alliance"
    Fri, Apr 23
    Instagram Live with Diego Alejandro Flores from Bioconversion Academy and Roman Parra from Illucens México and Promoter of the APICAL Initiative. Market potential in Latin America and APICAL's objectives and mission. Friday, April 24 at 4:00 p.m. Tijuana
  • Insects as Food & Feed (IAFF) conference
    Tue, Apr 20
    The Insects As Food & Feed (IAFF) conference is a collaborative event between ADAS, Michelmores, Multibox and the Royal Entomological Society's Food & Feed Special Interest Group.