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With Bsf Expert One you will become a producer of larvae, eggs or derivatives of the black soldier fly entomoculture, allowing you to have an extra income or a unique income with an insect that helps us improve the world.
BSF Expert One

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Have you ever imagined starting a new area of science, which has little competition, is sustainable and highly profitable? The BSF Expert One Plus course has everything you need to learn how to profit from disruptive activity in an innovative branch of animal production. The course is unprecedented and unique in the world! The investment in this course is paid for with a small amount of insects produced, which you can easily sell to breeders of birds, fish, pets, etc. This training was devised after years of scientific research by many scientists in various units of the world, where we condense this information and make it available to you in a practical and simple way. This program has 5 modules that will show you everything you must do to have a production at a fully viable commercial scale. This training also comes with two bonuses that will teach you how to use these insects as a complement and optimizer in animal production, and at the same time I will teach you how to get your product on the market. And I will confess something: before I had no intention of training people in this area, in fact I was doing very well simply working with producers, but the demand has been so great that hundreds of people have made the call to create this training. Join this giant group of new Bioconversionists, the new producers of insects that decontaminate the world and make money at the same time. Innovation and sustainability together. Planet Earth and your own pocket thank you.

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